Husqvarna Automower


If you want a perfect lawn, but without the work, Automower is the answer to all your prayers.  Our robotic mowers are silent, electrically powered and fully automatic.Enjoy life with one less chore. 

  • The perfect cut.  For an even cut, nothing stands in its way.  Three razor-like blades cut the grass delivering a perfect finish
  • Weather-proof.  Unlike you, the Automower is happy to work in the rain! All vital components are well protected from the elements
  • Environmentally concious.  The mower is battery operated with no emissions and extremely low energy consumption
  • Mows up hills.  Handles slopes effortlessly. The large wheels allow the Automower to run on uneven lawns
  • Silent.  Won't disturb you or the neighbours!
  • 4 models mow from 500 - 6000 square metres