Husqvarna Chainsaws


Use our toughness and durability rankings to select the right Husqvarna for your outdoors:


Medium duty, seasonal or occasional use.  Residential properties, lifestyle estates and operators who seek reliable, proven performance & quality.


Heavy duty, frequent use or occasional demanding use.  Contractors, Farmers / Rural, large acreage / estates and operators who require high performance.


Extreme duty / daily use.  Professional forrestry, aborists, land clearing, commercial landscapers, construction crews and operators who demand the ultimate in professional performance 


550XP Autotune

562XP Autotune

576XP Autotune




Built-in experience

Behind the saws there are many years of collaboration with experienced professional users. This has taught us to develop operational safety, efficiency, ergonomics and an environmental approach, and to build these properties into the saws. Features that make your work more efficient, less of a strain and more satisfying. 

Lightweight, strong and easy to operate 
All Husqvarna’s saws are distinguished by their high power and low weight. Thanks to the slim saw body, the high centre of gravity and low gyroscopic forces, they are also exceptionally easy to operate and work with. 

Unique properties which save time, reduce strain on users and are kind to the environment 
Husqvarna’s LowVib system separates the handle from the engine, bar and chain and effectively reduces tiring vibrations. Air Injection is preliminary cleaning of the intake air, which effectively extends the intervals between filter cleanings.

The E-TECH saws passes the toughest standards in the world regarding exhaust emissions and exhaust temperatures. They are approved for professional use in all countries. 

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