Husqvarna Spring Expo


30 Lorneville Dacre Road



Date: Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd of September

Time: 9am till 5pm each day

Event Details

Over our Expo Weekend we have Husqvarna, Masport and BE reps on site Friday through to Sunday to assist you in selecting exactly the right equipment for your requirements


It's all about try before you buy at Expo.  As well as our usual extensive range of Ride-on lawn mowers, walk behind mowers and outdoor power equipment, we'll also be demonstrating Husqvarna's range of commercial and domestic pressure washers and battery powered equipment on-site PLUS the  brand new Husqvarna Rider Collects.  These auger-fed catching mowers are a whole new concent in ride-on collectors with unbelievable results even in very wet grass. Want to see what kind of finish you get with a Husqvarna Automower?  Come and check out our lawn! And of course our Masport range of Ziegler and Brown Grill Series BBQs have some of the best features in the grill series market.

Have a browse below... 




Spring savings on lawn mowers, ride-on lawn mowers, trimmers, brush cutters, pressure washers, blowers, hedge trimmers and more!  And this weekend only we have Husqvarna chainsaws from only $299, $100 off Husky pro chaps and free pro earmuffs RRP $69 with every Husqvarna walk behind mower.  We're also giving away a free 1L stone and wood cleaner with every Husqvarna pressure washer purchased and SC300 surface cleaners RRP $99 with PW360 & PW460 units.




 Saturday and Sunday 11am-2pm we'll crank up the Ziggy and host a BBQ – see how well these little beauties turn out roast beef and pork as well as grilling sausages to perfection!



5 Year Warranty

Husqvarna 5 Year Domestic Warranty Program


How the program works?

Consumers who purchase Husqvarna branded finished products, including: lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, riders, walk behind mowers, chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, pole pruners/saws, trimmers, brushcutters, and selected turf care products. Provided these products are used for non-income producing personal use or household purposes, excluding commercial, agricultural, retail, industrial and rental usage types, can extend the manufacturer’s warranty period from the standard 2 Year Domestic Warranty to a 5 Year Domestic Warranty.


To extend the standard 2 Year Domestic Warranty to a total of 5 Years:

The consumer only needs to take 2 steps:

1. The consumer must purchase the required minimum pack quantity of genuine Husqvarna oil with the respective Husqvarna finished product at the point of purchase. Minimum genuine Husqvarna oil purchase requirements that apply to Husqvarna finished product purchases are listed as follows:
• Two stroke Handheld Products (excluding chainsaws) - minimum 1 litre of Husqvarna HP, LS+ or XP 2-Stroke Oil.
• All Husqvarna chainsaws (excluding 321EL model) - minimum 1 litre of Husqvarna HP, LS+ or XP 2-Stroke Oil & 5L of Husqvarna bar & chain oil.
• Electric Chainsaws – 5L of Husqvarna bar & chain oil.
• 4 stroke Handheld Product & Walk Behind Mowers – minimum of 1 litre of Husqvarna SAE 10W/30 Oil.
• 4 stroke Wheeled Product and Other models – minimum 4 litres of Husqvarna SAE 10W/30 Oil.
• Automower Range – no oil purchase necessary.
Both the Husqvarna product and genuine Husqvarna oil purchase must be itemised on the original product invoice/receipt.

2. Second, the consumer must obtain a copy of the product registration verifying their purchase, and the extended warranty from the participating Husqvarna Dealer*.


For Multiple Units Purchased:

Each qualifying Husqvarna finished product purchased must have an accompanying minimum amount of genuine Husqvarna oil as described in the above process.


How to ensure your Husqvarna product is registered for the 5 Year Domestic Warranty?

The product registration for your purchase must be completed by the Dealer for any extended warranty. During the product registration process, the Dealer will complete all details of product purchase and including the extended warranty section. On completion the Dealer will provide a hard copy of both the product registration and an attached copy of the itemised purchase receipt.


Who’s Eligible?

Consumers who are using the products for non-income producing personal use or household purposes only. Extended warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to, commercial, agricultural, rental, industrial and rental usage types. Qualification for the 5 Year Domestic Warranty program:
(a) Consumers must purchase genuine Husqvarna oil on the same invoice/receipt as the qualifying Husqvarna finished product.
(b) Online product registration and proof of receipt is required for this program.
(c) Dealers must also upload receipt image in JPG, GIF, PNG or TIFF file format into the required field in product registration to verify qualification.


* Important Information:

1. Consumers are required to keep their proof of purchase for the length of warranty should verification be needed.
2. Husqvarna reserves the right to ask for this receipt prior to warranty work being performed.
3. Husqvarna branded accessories, spare parts and construction products are excluded from this program.
4. 5 Year Domestic Warranty is subject to Husqvarna manufacturers warranty terms and conditions as outlined in the product registration form and in the Warranty and Service Handbook.
5. Husqvarna 5 Year Domestic Warranty program is only available at participating Husqvarna Dealers.