Out Front Riders


Husqvarna Riders are undoubtedly the ultimate ride-on mower in any garden. 

Masterly mowers in small spaces: these machines with front mowing decks guarantee the maximum field of vision over work areas and excellent manoeuvrability even in tight spaces or close to trees, hedges, fences and low walls.

This allows manoeuvres to be made with ease even in heavily vegetated areas as the machine can cut close to obstacles, dispensing with the need for further trimming cuts.

Husqvarna RC318T

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Husqvarna RC320Ts AWD

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Husqvarna R216

Husqvarna P524

Husqvarna R220T

Husqvarna R422Ts AWD


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Husqvarna P525D

Husqvarna R322T AWD

Husqvarna R316Ts AWD

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